The Water Festival (photo essay)

Posted by - July 11, 2016 - Issue No. 16.2

Miriam Geer’s exuberant photo series of the Chaing Mai Water Festival is a literal splash of cold water on a hot summer day — and a reminder that sometimes the most joyful experiences are also the simplest.


Sometimes the most interesting photos come through being open to experiences rather than planning. I stumbled upon Songkran, the Water Festival that takes place in Chaing Mai, Thailand, quite by accident and was overjoyed to capture the fun of tens of thousands of people of all ages drenching one another with water using buckets, hoses, squirt guns and whatever else was handy. Held during the Thai New Year, the festival runs for three days and the water is believed to purify the souls of those who participate in preparation for the coming year.  

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ABOUT THE PHOTOGRAPHER:  Miriam Geer is a Los Angeles photographer & photojournalist who has a portrait studio in Topanga and whose work has been featured in the Los Angeles TimesPeople and Billboard.  She has been a passionate photojournalist since she opened her first issue of National Geographic many years ago and has photographed people and cultures all over the globe. Her website