SPECIAL NOTE:  Please note that S-Curves is on indefinite hiatus. As editor, I regret that health issues prohibit me from being able to focus on publishing at the level of quality that a literary journal demands.  We are in search of a new editor — if you are interested or know someone who is, please let us know!

S-Curves currently publishes twice a year (Fall/Winter and Spring/Summer).

S-Curves gives publication preference to writers who live or work in Topanga Canyon. Work from writers living outside of Topanga will be considered only if there is space available.  Fiction, literary nonfiction, literary essays, poetry, self-contained book excerpts and sneak peeks of works-in-progress in all styles and genres (including literary fanfic) are welcome.  For photography and other visual arts submissions, see below.

Submissions, whether written or visual, can be about Topanga Canyon, but unless they are of stunningly exceptional quality, we’d prefer they not be.  The mission of S-Curves is to feature the creative talent in the canyon, not to feature the canyon itself.

SPECIAL NOTE:  Although S-Curves is a small literary journal edited and published as a labor of love, the people behind it have decades of experience as professional editors and all work accepted for S-Curves will be professionally edited.  Virtually all writing — and particularly good writing — benefits from editing and we work collaboratively with our writers to help them make their work as strong as possible before publication.  With a very, very few exceptions (mostly very short poetry and excerpts from books already published), accepted pieces are highly likely to go through an editing cycle or two before they’re ready for publication, and are accepted contingent upon the writer being willing to make editorial changes as specified by our editors. Translation: Acceptance of work is contingent upon your willingness to participate in the editorial process with joy and appreciation. 🙂

Please follow the format guidelines for submissions:

  1. We prefer submissions that are 2000 words and under.  More specifically, we much prefer submissions that are 1000 words and under — people tend to read S-Curves on their phones and tablets and the shorter your piece is, the more people are likely to read it, and isn’t that kinda the whole point? That said, longer works are within the realm of possibility, but make sure it’s longer because it really needs to be and not just because it’s fat and hasn’t been edited.  For help figuring out the answer to that question, click here.
  2. PDF format only <= NO OTHER FORMAT! Not Word or .rtf or .docx or anything. Just PDF.
  3. 1.5 or double spaced
  4. One-inch margins
  5. Black text/white background
  6. Easy-on-the-eyes standard font
  7. Poetry can, of course, be formatted as appropriate to its presentation. Within reason. And still no fancy fonts, please.
  8. Spell & grammar checked.  Do we really need to say this?  Seriously?
  9. Name the files with your last name and the title of the work.  (example: Dickens_TaleofTwoCities.pdf)
  10. Include your name and contact info at the bottom of each piece.
  11. Please send a maximum of three pieces per submission period. If sending multiple pieces, please send each piece as a separate PDF with your name and contact info at the bottom. You can send them all in the same email, but make each piece a separate document. So, for example, if you’re sending three poems, you can send one email with three PDFs attached.
  12. Before you send anything, please read these (click here). Trust us, you’ll be glad you did.
  13. Email submissions only, no hard copies.  (We have multiple editors and readers and it’s hard to email a hard copy around.) Send to

Following the guidelines ensures that everyone’s work is evaluated on a level playing field, and that your work stands on its own merits without the benefit (or hindrance) of graphics, fonts, etc. (which won’t appear in the journal if it’s published anyway).

Rights revert to the author upon publication, meaning you can submit and publish your piece elsewhere without restriction. S-Curves reserves the right to republish the material in later forms of S-Curves, including possible printed anthologies, etc.  Previously published material and simultaneous submissions are fine. If your submission has been published elsewhere, please include that information with your submission.


S-Curves accepts submissions of photography and art, generally to be published in conjunction with a written piece with a complimentary theme (see THIS LINK for an example), but a standalone visual essay is possible if the work has a strong narrative theme (see THIS LINK for an example).

To submit photography and other art, please send up to five 72dpi jpgs, 1200 pixels FOR the LONGEST EDGE, file size under 250kb.  Please name the files with your last name and the title of the work.  (example: DaVinci_LastSupper.jpg)


At S-Curves, we get the importance of encouraging and mentoring the next generation of writers.  If you’re a high school or middle school student and would like to be considered for our “New Voices” award, click here for details.