Our Love Is Like A

Posted by - July 11, 2016 - Issue No. 16.2



our love is like a

Mother of pearl shell

I want to hold

In my hands,

Let the sea dust it,

We just take in the salt, let it

Nourish us.

Baby, you don’t have to

Think, I’ll do that for you.

I just want to hold

Love in my hands

Raise it,

Bathe it,

Let it go.

A shell is so delicate,

Strong, I can’t even mold it,

But sometimes I put a shell

In my pocket, forget it is there,


ABOUT THE WRITER:  Audrey King’s writing mainly focuses on the fatal intricacies of love, fragile and tenderly depressing (just like an angsty teen!).  She is eighteen and will be starting at Bennington College this fall as a freshman, where she will continue writing her poetry and short stories.

Photo © 2012 by Miguelangel Geudez.