The “New Voices” Award

At S-Curves, we get the importance of encouraging and mentoring the next generation of writers.  Our “New Voices” Young Writers Award is one way we do that.  Each issue we select one talented young writer to introduce to our readers as a new voice.

“New Voices” award winners receive:

  1.  Publication of a piece of their work in S-Curves, which gives young writers a professional writing credit to help get them started in their careers and help with college admissions.
  2. The opportunity to work with a professional editor to prepare their work for publication, a crucial experience for aspiring writers.
  3. A short personal profile published below their piece.
  4. A mentoring/career advice meeting with our founding editor, who has over 15 years of experience mentoring young creatives in the arts.

To be considered for “New Voices,” you must be in junior high or high school.  Residents of Topanga Canyon will be given priority for consideration, but any student in Southern California is welcome to submit work.  Please follow our regular submission guidelines, but submit your work with the subject line “New Voices” and indicate your age and the school you attend in your email.  You may send up to three pieces per issue — please send them all as a single submission.  The deadline is the same as for regular submissions.


If you’re a teacher and would like to submit work from your whole class as a project, we’d love to help you make that happen. Email us for details.