ear of your feet to the ground

Posted by - July 11, 2016 - Issue No. 16.2



ear of your feet to the ground

ear of your heart to the sound

growl of mountain lion huntress says

you are worth feeding

grace of gentle deer hunted says

you are worth flight

mountains who cradle both say

you are worth being held

holding your ground

sun and moon rising from

resting into these mountains say

you are worth light

every moment

you are here


she says

you are still learning

even the lessons you think you learned

my ocean welling in your eyes

you are worth feeling

this cat climbing into your lap

you are worth pause

wrapped in a towel

your wet hair

asking to have this dance


ABOUT THE WRITER: If she’s not on the dance floor or her swiveling desk stool, Kara Masters could be in the kitchen. That’s where, with eyes half on the ocean and singing whole in the air, she makes Angels Chocolate. She lives in a Topanga nest with the best dance partners: her husband Alex and their cat Mykos. Her just-hatching website is karamasters.com.

Photo: Creative Commons